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Guys, look. They finally made a baby stroller for wheelchair-bound mothers. This is so important.

My wife is a physical therapist. Β She started tearing up when I showed this to her.

(via lullaby-for-a-nightmare)

taylor swift: has a boyfriend
the media: omg what a slut
taylor swift: doesn't have a boyfriend
the media: lol nobody wants to date her
taylor swift: wears a modest dress
the media: she's such a prude
taylor swift: wears a revealing dress
the media: what a terrible role model
taylor swift: has curly hair
the media: she really needs to try something new with her hair
taylor swift: gets bangs and straightens hair
the media: bring back the curls it's what you're known for
taylor swift: is surprised to win an award
the media: she is so fake
taylor swift: doesn't act surprised to win an award
the media: she's so ungrateful